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Good, Highly-Rated MBA Degree Programmes In Australia

There are a fair number of business schools in Australia that are ranked highly and offer MBA degrees. These include the University of Adelaide’s Adelaide Graduate School of Business; Deakin Business School of Deakin University (Melbourne); the Graduate School of Management of Southern Cross University; the School of Business of the University of Queensland; Murdoch Business School, Murdoch University — in fact, regardless of where in Australia you live, there’s a good business school with a good MBA degree programme within easy reach. Australia has become a popular education destination for foreign students and its business schools are no exception. Many foreign students (especially from Singapore, India and Pakistan) come to Australia to get an MBA degree.

Why Get Your MBA Degree In Australia Instead Of Elsewhere?

Several business-related publications, notably Business Week and the Financial Times, rate business schools and their MBA degree programmes annually. A number of Australian schools are rated in the top 100 MBA degree programmes worldwide most years, but the top ten or so are usually  American schools (and consistently the same American schools) with a few from Europe and Asia. Does this mean that if you want to get a top-notch MBA degree, you should go to one of these best-rated American or European business schools?  Not necessarily. It depends on what kind of job you want to get with your MBA degree and where you want to get it.

The MBA Degree Is Too Broad To Be One-Size-Fits-All

The problem with all MBA degree students shooting for the top-ranked schools is that the MBA Australia degree is designed to impart a broad business education with a wide variety of specialisations that prepare a student for a management job in business anywhere in the world. There’s just no way any school is going to do every possible manifestation of that task the best.  The top ranked schools earn their rankings by having students with, on average, the best grades and test scores and by placing graduates in the most lucrative employment with the biggest, richest, highest-powered firms on a consistent basis. If you want to work for a Wall Street financial company or for a multinational giant corporation, you should go for the highest-ranked school you can get admitted to to get your MBA degree. But what if you don’t?

An MBA Degree In Australia Is Good For Certain Jobs

There are some jobs, including most of the business management jobs available in MBA Australia itself and in Asian countries, that an MBA degree from an Australian business school is at least as good for as a graduate  from the top-ranked schools abroad. In terms of being recognised by employers, it’s about the same either way. This is also the case in terms of the knowledge that will help you to handle the job, and the contacts that will be useful on the job, where an Australian MBA degree may actually be better.  There are business concerns that are specific to the Pacific Rim that a Pacific Rim school will help you to meet. In any case, there’s certainly no reason to be wary of getting your MBA degree locally or to think you have to get it from an American or European business school.